Losing weight has become an important thing amongst people because all have become very conscious about their look. There may be times in your life when you must have suddenly gained weight.
The most common way of losing weight is the diet way. You may have seen some of your friend, relative or loved one who must have lost pounds and pounds of weight through diet but you are not able to have the same result. This is because they used hcg to lose weight. Hcg means human Chorionic Ganodotropin; it is a hormone which may be present in some human being while the others take it through the artificial way.
Making use of hcg to lose weight is newest of all invention of losing weight. If your body does not possess it already then you can inject it or have it as medicines during your diet. If you do not know how it works, here are some points which will help you know more about it.
Hcg is used during diet. The dietician, with the medicines will give you hcg injections or you can also take it the oral way. The hcg burns all the unwanted fats in your body especially the buttocks and stomach area. During diet you have to cut down the intake of calories and fats and on the other hand add hcg to your diet to lose weight. It also helps you to control your hunger, so you will not feel hungry and hence can reduce weight.
It is a hormone present on women during pregnancy and at present it is used as a supplement to lose weight. Now, a question may arise in your mind that is hcg safe?
Hcg is safe to use and this is proved by the FDA. There are many dieticians round the world who make their patients use hcg to lose weight in their diet and most of them have got the positive results. The diet which includes hcg is called the hcg diet and many people follow this diet daily.
As said above one can intake hcg through injections or can have it in the form of medicines. Taking it orally is a better option because it is easier, safer and affordable. The hcg injections cost more than the medicines and are even difficult to use. Very few people know how to inject, so whenever you want to inject hcg you will have to call a nurse or visit the dietician.

The HCG diet was invented by Dr. A.T.W. Simeons more than fifty years ago. A quick search of the Internet will turn up hundreds of search results regarding the HCG diet. The basic premise of this diet calls for a severely restricted diet of only 500 calories a day, accompanied by daily injections of HCG (human chorionic gonadotropin) to lose weight. HCG is a hormone that is most commonly found in women who are pregnant. As a hormone, its basic function is to assist the body in preserving lean muscle and to mobilize store fat for energy in lieu of the reduced caloric intake.
The injections of HCG that a participant in this diet program receives are fairly low, generally just 125 milligrams. The duration of this diet should not exceed forty days maximum. If an individual has not lost the amount of weight they wish to during this time period, then the diet cycle may be repeated again once the human body can safely receive more injections of HCG. As aforementioned, these injections are given on a daily basis. The foods that an individual consumes on this diet should be high in protein and low in fats and carbohydrates.
The belief is that the underlying premises of this diet encourage the human body to activate its defense mechanisms to protect itself and the unborn (non-existent) fetus when the HCG is injected. Under this theory, the HCG diet is only effective in women, as men do not have the genetic makeup for childbearing. Copies of Dr. Simeons' manuscript regarding the HCG diet can be obtained online for free, but since he has long since passed away, most of the organizations that offer the HCG diet work independently of his research.
The HCG diet has been lampooned by the medical community as ridiculous. It was based upon research performed over 50 years ago when doctors' understandings of the medical science were much more limited. The severely restricted diet of only 500 calories is quite difficult to follow, and it can produce numerous negative side effects on the human body. Furthermore, daily injections of HCG, even in low doses, are quite expensive, with some resources listing them as costing more than $700.00 per injection. According to medical research that was published in The Journal of the American Medical Association, the HCG diet is completely ineffective as a means of losing or controlling one's weight. For other reviews and advice check out You can give vinegar a try, check out how to lose weight for more advice.

Many people are now discovering the effective use of the HCG in their quest to shed their excess pounds. The homeopathic HCG weight loss that is very available for use by anyone who wishes to make the big change in his appearance is becoming the first option of every dieter. Taking a look at the different homeopathic HCG reviews, one will have the idea that this kind of diet plan might be the right and perfect plan for him to use.
In this review, people who have underwent the homeopathic HCG diet have confessed their satisfactions and opinions regarding the plan and it is quite interesting to know their experiences for we might also experience it too.
The homeopathic HCG basically comes from the synthetic hormone of the HCG that is used for injection. It is diluted and is made into those drops that could be put under the tongue before it must be swallowed. This version of the HCG diet plan is easy and will also spare you from spending more of your money.
It is now what most dieters prefer to use for they find this kind of diet very effective in losing those excess weights without the feeling of being hungry.
Following the homeopathic HCG protocol, one can fully enjoy the benefits that these drops could provide them. The diet plan usually lasts from 20 -40 days depending on the time frame which is allotted in every plan. This plan will require you to limit your calorie intake everyday into 500 units only. Therefore, you might ask how can you last doing the said program if you will be deprived of the needed calories.
However, interestingly, this kind of question has been long answered and already proven that it is not a cause of any concern. The HCG hormone that is being taken by the dieters is especially designed to make the hypothalamus to still work in its normal functions. It is expected that if you have undergone different diet plans and have used the antibiotics, your hypothalamus will not work at its maximum level.
The hypothalamus is the gland that is responsible in the calibration of the process of the metabolism that is very helpful in the burning of fat calories that will lead to a fast weight loss.
To further boost its credibility, each of the homeopathic HCG blog that can be accessed in the internet will show you that this diet is very capable of making you lose weight without worrying anything about your health. The 500-calorie limitation per day will not make you suspect the energy lost in your body for different studies have shown that people who have uses this HCG hormone experience little hunger but yield significant lose in their weights.
It also cannot be denied that their eating habit has changed into much better where one has now fully control of his eating binge and cravings. This only proves that this body hormone has good effect in our body so it is likewise that the homeopathic HCG will also produce the same results.
This homeopathic HCG is now considered the latest craze in shedding those excess pounds in just few days. The homeopathic HCG drops when combined with the HCG diet program is guaranteed that it could make a person to achieve his desired weight and could enjoy it permanently in his life.
This homeopathic HCG is not required to be placed in your fridge because it has been specially formulated by just using few amount of alcohol that in turn is responsible in the preservation of the hormone's integrity and effectiveness.

Are you obese? Or simply wish to drop some weight? Have you actually received an HCG Diet e-book but will not understand how to get started on? HCG Information will likely to assist you in any issue that you just may perhaps encounter in implementing HCG Eating plan. This powerful guideline will going to indicate you how to commence and complete HCG Diet regime.
For anyone of you who won't know what is HCG Eating plan, HCG is definitely the key to resetting your metabolism to regular. Why do you might have to employ HCG Diet? Why can some people eat no matter what they want, anytime they want, and they do not get body weight? Many people will say it really is genetics, but that's not legitimate. The reality of your make a difference is, your entire body is screwed up. And it had been screwd up on account of Diet plans. Of course, you heard it right diet regime, that is suitable, the greater diet plans you have been on throughout your everyday life the more screwed up the body is as well as more difficult it is to drop some weight, and in some cases even worse, the easier it is actually to achieve fat. Plain and basic, diets screw up your metabolism.
You might have to fix the body. And you can find only one at this time recognised technique to get it done. In case you have ever before performed a diet plan during the past, then your body may have turn out to be resistant to fat loss. So now, no eating plan will do the job. That's, unless of course you employ the exclusive ingredient that guarantees you 100% success, HCG. Hcg Diet program is reported to be employed even ahead of, for being exact for forty ages now HCG had been put to use to lose weight or for healing individuals with being overweight issue. This approach has become tested with many successes, during the last forty many years in Europe. All people that follows this program loses 20 to 40 kilos a month. HCG makes your entire body use your stored excess fat.
How to implement HCG Eating plan is quite hard especially if you don't have any tutorial. But together with the guide of HCG Guideline, all of your issue that involves with HCG trouble are going to be solution. Hcg Diet will eliminate more bodyweight, faster and less complicated than every other diet regime. This diet plan is exclusive, like no other that you've experimented with previous to. You might sustain your fat reduction for the rest of your respective everyday life. Which is why many individuals utilized HCG Diet plan! This really is the past diet you may ever before really need to go on.
Using the HCG Manual you'll going to find out step-by-step recommendations on how to implement the diet plan, each of the information you will need to drop twenty to 40 lbs. each and every month. And free consultation for everyday life.
HCG Diet program would be the only eating plan which will help you to shed twenty to 40 lbs per month. Fast, however protected fat loss. No hunger. No work out needed. Uncomplicated effortless to comply with approach. Reprograms your brain to normal mode from famine mode. Resets your metabolic process to usual. No aspect results. All all-natural. The plan addresses how to proceed immediately after you drop your excess body weight. You can retain your preferred fat. Enables you to consume standard, like normal individuals, without having gaining body weight. Completely distinctive. As opposed to every other diet regime you've tried using or heard of. You'll not be restricted to ingesting only specific meals to the rest of the everyday life. It is a total prepare with all details and questions answered. 100% assured results, proven with 1000s of successes through forty years.

The hormone HCG has now been converted into HCG Diet Drops making it now possible for anybody to use.

We may have heard about it on the radio or TV. Or perhaps we have heard a family member or a friend using it. And you may be left wondering with what the whole buzz about HCG diet drops is. This is really a fairly old way of dieting, with its roots dating back to the 1950s. Nevertheless, it has only been within the recent years when it gained the kind of attention it deserved. It involves the intake of a naturally-occurring hormone to help us in shaving up to three pounds per day. There might be differences in the number of pounds we can lose every day but more and much more individuals are reporting it's fairly efficient.

It has been mentioned that dieting with this hormone started within the 1950s but it never truly got the attention it deserved. Back then, individuals believed in other, much more conventional methods of losing weight. In the 1970s, it gained some attention when a physician published a study on it, but this diet plan still remained within the shadows. Then came the recent years, when fad diets invaded the consumer market and more and more individuals began to really feel frustrated with how most of the popular diet plans cannot deliver what they promise.
However, there are still people who are quite apprehensive about taking in HCG diet drops to lose weight. They believe that their fertility will be affected but there's not a lot truth in this. The diet drops are developed in sanitary laboratories and they're not directly taken from the placenta of pregnant women. They are similar in structure to the naturally occurring hormone but they have different functions.

Much more and much more users and physicians report that HCG diet drops are fairly efficient. Some say they can lose about half a pound each day. Others claim they've lost about 5 pounds per day. There are certain rules that should be followed when dieting with this hormone. For instance, it is recommended that that you ask your doctor about this diet before following it. In this way, you are able to be given tips on the dosage you'll require and on how many days you need to be taking in the hormone.

While some critics to HCG diet drops say that this is just another fad diet that can't guarantee results, there are several users and physicians who report this is fairly real. It's all up to you to discover more about them and see the distinction for your self.

When it comes to losing weight looking into HCG diet reviews could be an outstanding option. The hCG diet drops are safe and efficient and you are able to begin today.

Chad's on a journey. He searched through all the fast ways to lose weight and discovered homeopathic HCG. He wanted drastic weight loss and that's exactly what people talked about when they mentioned homeopathic HCG. It was definitely a top choice amongst the diets known as fast ways to lose weight. Average daily weight loss on the program is 1 to 2 pounds. So far this is definitely applying to Chad. He's at the top end of the weight loss spectrum.

He's been quite dedicated to following the rules. It's very important. He knows that if he sticks to the rules religiously then he will lose a very good amount of weight. He doesn't know what the exact effect will be if he breaks the rules. But he does know that other people have indicated that breaking the rules (even in little, seemingly inconsequential ways) results in plateaus and even weight gain. He wants to keep losing weight and he wants to lose the most amount of weight possible. So he's going to keep sticki ng to the protocol.
Chad's trying everything he can to stay at the top end of the average weight loss spectrum. Since the late evenings are so difficult for him in comparison to the rest of the day he's been saving both his fruits for this time period. He's been making an orange smoothie right before bed. He thinks that it will help him drift off to sleep faster.

Chad now weighs 233 pounds (Day 7).

Chad started getting headaches, but they stopped days ago. His system must have accustomed itself to functioning without sugar. Headaches are a common symptoms. Saving both his servings of fruit for late in the day seems to be helping him feel less hungry after dinner, but it's still his toughest part of the day.

He's been losing one pound per day steadily. And even though this doesn't really compare to the initial overnight weight loss drop of over 7 pounds...it's still pretty fabulous weight loss results and Chad is happy. As of Day 7 he's no longer feeling hungry; no hunger pains at all.

Chad followed the rules again on Day 7 and he didn't feel hungry. In fact he felt pretty full. He had a spicy shrimp salad at lunch and a Crab Louie Salad (HCG approved). He aims for a gallon of water a day and manages to fit it all in by evening. He doesn't feel hungry at all in comparison to the last few days. And he feels that he is functioning well now that he's settled into the diet.

He's comfortable. And he's really happy and satisfied that he's feeling comfortable. He's eating drastically fewer calories than he normally does. He's eating much smaller portion sizes. And he's eating a lot of healthy foods that he didn't incorporate into his diet regularly until he took on the diet. All of this in combination with the homeopathic HCG drops and B12 drops Chad is getting where he wants to go.

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Recently there has been a thrill with people of Dania Beach, Florida about the Diet Doc hCG weight loss diet. The people of Dania Beach have discovered the usefulness of the Diet Doc hCG diet and they are now using it for weight loss.
What is Diet Doc hCG diet? A diet which has its roots back in 1950's has been modified and improved by doctors at the Diet Doc hCG weight loss programs. The modified diet much known as the Diet Doc hCG diet has become one of the most sought after methods for weight loss in Dania Beach.
Why do people prefer this weight loss program? The reason is obvious people are getting good results with Diet Doc hCG diet and they are sharing their happiness and success with others. The most admirable thing about Diet Doc hCG diet is their honesty about the method and the results.
Diet Doc reports, many online sites make unqualified and unsubstantiated claims on the effectiveness of the hCG weight loss program. They claim that patients are losing 3 pounds of fat per day. They claim that hCG is a permanent cure for obesity. Neither of these outrageous claims is true and in most states in this country making fraudulent medical claims is not only unethical, but illegal.
Our physicians take great pride with modernizing our hcg weight loss protocol. Our doctors train physicians all over the USA on our hcg weight loss protocol. Why? Because our doctors modernized the protocol so it's relevant to 2011 clinical and nutritional standards and it's safe.
Being overweight is not good. On one hand, you have to face the common problem that people say "you don't look good" or they make fun of you and on the other hand it is the root cause of many diseases. Being just 20% overweight can be dangerous for a person. For the people in Dania Beach who are overweight, try the Diet Doc hCG diet and you will be impressed by it.
* These weight reduction treatments include oral hCG or an injection of hCGa drug, which has not been approved by the food and drug administration as safe and effective in the treatment of obesity or weight control. There is no substantial evidence that hCG increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or "normal" distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restrictive diets. Results may vary and cannot be guaranteed. Medical supervision and compliance with our program is required.

Are you overweight? Do you want to be slim for life? Many people want to be slim but it is hard to stay fit these days. That is not a problem anymore, because HCG diet is the answer to your problem.

So what is HCG diet? HCG, Human Chronic Gonadotropin, is a natural hormone that initiates hypothalamus, a major regulatory gland in human body that helps to control one's fat burning and bodily metabolism. This fast weight loss diet is mainly a very low calorie diet combined with consumption of daily HCG injection or oral drops for fast fat loss result. You don't need to exercise and still lose a significant amount of weight quickly while on this diet. The typical result is an average of 0.5 to 2 pounds per day for dieters who follow the diet protocol strictly.

This popular HCG diet was developed in the 1950s by Dr. A.T. W. Simeons, and is a much loved these days, because it does not require dieters to work out - just follow to the HCG protocol to the letter and watch the extra pounds melt away for good. This diet is the perfect for someone who want to lose weight fast.

HCG diet is safe, effective, and not expensive. This diet is particularly effective for losing stubborn unwanted pounds. The HCG weight loss is natural and healthy process for the reason that HCG aim only the excess fat and it works very well on problematic areas such as waist, thighs and bottom area where the stubborn fat stores are. The diet doesn't require special and pre-made meals like other popular dieting methods, so there are much lower grocery bills. And the metabolism is rearranged which helps to keep the weight off long term. Most of all, this low calories diet is very safe no major side effects or potential problems have been reported for partaking this diet in the past five decades.

So can you lose the same amount of weight fast by eating a low calorie diet without any help of HCG injections or HCG diet drops? The answer is possible, but the whole process will be much difficult and the chance of losing the battle is much higher. HCG hormone is the natural appetite suppressant. Without the daily HCG supplementation, dieters will find it's tougher to follow the 500-calorie-per-day diet. They will more likely to cheat on foods that are not allowed on the very low calories diet, which may slow down the weight loss or even cause the dieting effort to fail completely. This natural hormone also helps boost one's metabolism and burn the unwanted fat stores, which leads to fast fat loss and keeps the weight off for life.

HCG Platinum's homeopathic formula is changing lives one pound at a time with its unique prescription and diet protocol. On the diet, 500 calories a day are consumed and taken with HCG Platinum drops which aid in suppressing the hunger that dieters may experience. Many feel that eating 500 calories a day is difficult, since it is such a major adjustment from their regular eating habits. Others feel that 500 calories a day is an unhealthy way to lose weight. However Dr. Simeons, developer of the HCG diet proves that with HCG, 500 calories is not unhealthy or impractical.
Dr. Simeons' research not only includes his scientific discoveries, but also discusses the history of obesity. His research goes back to Neolithic times, when man would eat only when he was hungry, and then, only enough to eliminate hunger pains. As prosperity has emerged in modern society however, eating is no longer a physical requirement, but has evolved into a social, mental, and even emotional experience, not without consequences. Dr. Simeons states that:
The institution of regular meals meant that man had to eat more than his body required at the moment of eating so as to tide him over until the next meal. Food rendered easily digestible suddenly flooded his body with nourishment of which he was in no need at the moment. Somehow, somewhere this surplus had to be stored.
As humans have evolved, diet patterns have also, but human bodies have not necessarily evolved simultaneously. With more and more calories entering the body, fat is stored instead of processed, resulting in excess fat and obesity. When taking the HCG Platinum drops and following Dr. Simeons diet, the 500 calories a day is sufficient for all patients. Dr. Simeons states:
Just as the daily dose of HCG is the same in all cases, so the same diet proves to be satisfactory for a small elderly lady of leisure or a hard working muscular giant. Under the effect of HCG the obese body is always able to obtain all the Calories it needs from the abnormal fat deposits, regardless of whether it uses up to 1500 or 4000 per day. It must be made very clear to the patient that he is living to a far greater extent on the fat which he is losing than on what he eats.
Luckily, weight-loss research has evolved along with eating trends. HCG Platinum allows dieter's to make up for over-eating habits, lack of exercise, or even genetic fat storage tendencies when coupled with Dr. Simeons' 500 calorie diet.
Although dieter's would lose weight when eating 500 calories daily without the HCG Platinum formula, HCG Platinum allows the body to lose the weight from the stored or excess fat. Without the HCG hormone, the body would believe it was in starvation mode, and cling to the excess fat rather than burning it as an energy source, which is what the HCG Platinum formula allows it to do. With HCG Platinum, the 500 calorie diet is not only healthy; it is also effective for those who desire to lose weight.

I went shopping again last night to get ready for day 2 on the very low calorie diet (VLCD). It's always more effective to go to the grocery store late at night in comparison to mid-day. I think throughout the course of this diet that I'm going to need to go to the grocery store a lot more often than normal. But I can do that.

I am really feeling great about cooking healthy meals. I cooked last night and it was great! It is a little bit impressive, don't you think?

My morning started off with me getting up and getting on the scale to find out that I am at 165.2 lbs. My 1st day left me at a loss of almost 6 lbs. YEAH! If that happened everyday I would be over the moon! But really, just that it happened at all is making me totally deliriously happy.

But I'm assuming that this is one of those days on which I will drop several pounds at once and then have a few days on a plateau. It was described as part of the normal results for some dieter s. Apparently the big drops and plateaus still even out to equal the average of 1 to 2 pounds weight loss per day. And that's something that I can totally support.
It's Saturday. I absolutely ignored the fact that yesterday was Black Friday. I blew off the shopping because I hadn't thought of anything I needed desperately and I was really busy. I was dieting!

But I did remember something this morning that I really wanted to get during the big sales so we're headed out. I am getting the kids ready. I already took my Prescription HCG injection and my B-Total. We're going to leave right after lunch.

For lunch I had a bit of leftover Shake and Bake Tilapia (Prescription HCG Recipe Guide version). I also had a sliced tomato with fresh ground pepper. And I tossed an apple in my purse for my fruit serving.

My kids begged for kids' meals since they knew where we were headed and I promised them we'd stop for kids' meal during the day.

After we hit a few stores the kids decided they wanted to eat so we headed to the mall's food court.

And to make a long story short...that's how I e nded up at the mall's food court with Chick-fil-a on one side and Panda Express on the other. I got up and got myself a Diet Coke out of desperation, but even that didn't do it. I have to admit that I totally broke. I had a few bites of Mango Chicken off my daughter's plate and I had 2 pieces of chicken from my son's Chick-fil-a Kids' Meal (it's the buffalo sauce...it's amazing).

So it's only the second day and I've already broken the prescription HCG diet protocol. shoot! But I did get right back on track. I came home and had a romaine salad and slapped myself on the wrist and promised myself the punishment would be worse the next time I fell off the wagon. Hopefully I'll be more well behaved tomorrow.

It doesn't really matter if you've chosen to work with the HCG injection diet or the homeopathic HCG diet...it can be tough to stick to the VLCD. The list of approved foods is short. But variety is still allowed. Dieters can absolutely take advantage of the full list of approved foods. Dieters should never cut out any foods for silly reasons like they don't think they like it or they didn't like it that one time they tried it. The list is too short for that silliness. There are also recipe guides that can be very careful. But many forget that they are allowed many spices on the diet. And there are many ways to use the approved spices to add variety to the limited diet. And that goes for both the homeopathic HCG diet and the HCG injection diet.

Think about your list of approved spices and then apply them to your approved list of meats. Yesterday's article discussed poultry and the appropriate spices and seasonings that will maximize the taste and enjoyment that can be had from this simple protein. Today we'll discuss just what to do with lean cuts of beef that will maximize their taste without breaking the HCG injection diet and homeopathic HCG diet rules.
Spices that work well for beef that are HCG approved are: chili powder, garlic, basil, bay leaf, oregano and thyme. Amongst the list of approved lean beef cuts are the roast and a few different popular steaks. So try these popular options.

Preparing a roast? You cannot add your usual potatoes and carrots, but you can absolutely toss in your traditional onions and celery. We have heard of some who will cook their roast with onions and then right before it is completed they will add a chopped up head of cabbage. While the most traditional spice for this type of meal is salt and pepper (use good quality sea salt and freshly ground peppercorns) there are some additional options.

You might enjoy drizzling a mixture of vinegar and thyme over the roast/veggies before cooking it. Use the vinegar that is approved according to the protocol. Chop up the thyme and mix it in with the vinegar. Such a mixture leaves the meat tenderized and adds flavor.
Spice/herb combinations can be used regardless of the cut of beef you are working with. If you are working with a less expensive cut of beef you may need to cook it longer or marinate it longer. You will also need to adjust the "amount" of spice/herb depending upon the cut of meat. You'll stumble upon these things as you go.

Even if you use the drizzled mixture mentioned above you will still need a spice combo to use as a roast rub. Here's a basic mixture to try rubbing directly on the roast before cooking: 3 tbsp minced fresh parsley, 1 tsp dried basil, 1 tsp dried rosemary, 4 tsp minced fresh garlic, 2 tsp salt, 1 tsp ground pepper.

Mix the combination well in a small bowl. Rub the mixture directly onto the outside of the roast and then place it in the pan or slow cooker. The amount of spice listed above should be appropriate for a roast weighing between 5 and 8 pounds. Before applying the seasonings pat the roast dry.

This is just a start on what you can do with all the approved spices on your HCG injection diet or homeopathic HCG diet. If you make use of everything you are allowed on the diet you will be able to go much farther than you expect when it comes to providing tasty meals that provide you with the satisfaction of sticking to your diet and feeling like you had something "good for dinner."

Simeon who produced the method. It incorporates all the vital factors you require to know about the HCG diet program and about the HCG hormone. Until finally now following sixty many years, it really is however recognized as the most effective information to employing the program in a way that ensures greatest outcomes without having finding bothered by the anticipated HCG facet-effects.
Taking notes on the HCG diet specifically in the diet regime recipe is a have to. The Pounds and Inches eating plan is developed for a specific objective. Hence, you must not be overly apprehensive that all it lets for each day calorie usage is 500 units nor ought to you be shocked that it's a detox diet. The recipe is meager and uninviting to say the minimum. Breakfast is a devoid of solid meals. Instead you can consume all the sugarless tea or coffee you want. The only consolation is the teaspoonful of milk. Lunch is a bit much better. A hundred grams of fatless meat, a little bit of bread, one vegetable and fruit and a single kind of seafood ideally lobster or shrimp. Dinner is specifically the identical except that you are permitted to substitute the meat, vegetable and seafood for other sorts provided in a checklist. The record has couple of entries, sadly.
You will probably consider that this kind of a recipe can lead to HCG eating plan risks. The believed has no foundation simply because with this eating habits you get to activate the powers of the HCG hormone which plays a significant position in preventing HCG diet plan side-effects as properly having rid of excess pounds. The hormone correctly lowers the level of hunger pangs and ensures that the metabolic process is redirected from the unwanted fat storing to unwanted fat burning mode.
The book has recommendations on the amount of HCG you are to consider day by day, even though dosage is adjustable, and on the method of administration. The doctor advisable injection. This manufactured feeling for the duration of his time as there was no other strategy, but right now it really is not the greatest technique. There's the oral HCG which compared with the injections is painless, handy and less pricey. Besides for the administration strategy you can just comply with the suggestions in the book for fast and issues free of charge 10 Advantages Of Real HCG Bodyweight Loss Drops.
Pregnant females try to eat a great deal. This is no surprise as they have their bodies and their infants to help. What you will wonder at, contemplating the prodigious sum they take in, is why do not seem to get extra fat at all. This the work of HCG short for Human Chorionic Gonadotropin, a hormone developed in the placenta pregnant ladies for the duration of the initial tri-semester of their pregnancy. This hormone can make the metabolic rate of these females operate double time burning meals into nutrients they will need to retain their great wellbeing and for the physical and psychological progress of their babies.
The achievable software of HCG in weight reduction issues was not misplaced on Dr. Perhaps, the best factor you can do is ask these who have undergone or undergoing the HCG weight reduction program eating plan to reveal to you the intricacies of the HCG diet plan more obviously, concisely and much more authoritatively than I can.
ten Rewards Of Genuine HCG Bodyweight Reduction Drops

Excerpts are from Dr. Simeons manuscripts, "Pounds and Inches" showing the original 500 VLCD (Very Low Calorie Diet)
The HCG Diet consists of taking your HCG and following a restricted 500 calorie diet for a minimum 21days to a maximum of 45 days. Don't worry, the HCG will flood your body with calories so you won't feel hungry or tired like you normally would on a diet. The most important factor in losing the weight is to stick to the recommended protocol that Dr. Simeons wrote. There are many people who are experimenting with their own diet recipes. I want to stress that a slight increase in calories or changing the recommended foods could cause negative effects on your weight loss goals. Keep this in mind when consider what other HCG Dieters are eating. Also do not exceed 200IU HCG per day, as this can reverse the effects of the diet. Don't use HCG during a menstrual cycle, the best time to start treatment is immediately after a period Never use HCG if you are pregnant or nursing.
People who want to lose 15 pounds or less will need 23 days of HCG treatment followed by 3 extra days of the low calorie diet. People who need to lose more than 15 pounds should limit the number of HCG treatments (36 to 42) followed by 3 extra days of the low calorie diet. If you still need to lose more weight; then you need to wait 6 to 8 weeks and control your foods before starting a new HCG Diet cycle. People become temporally immune to the effects of HCG after 42 days of HCG injections, skipping one dosage once per week helps prolong the HCG immunity factor. Skip one dosage per week on the same day each week!
You must let all the HCG exit your system before you start eating normal or you will put on weight at the end of the diet. After completing your injections and letting the HCG exit your body you will need to continue to limit your calories in a controlled fashion avoiding sugars and starches for 3 weeks. Your body needs to grow accustom to its new weight. The Atkins diet works well for this period. After 3 weeks, if you are now at your desired weight you would very gradually add starchy foods in small quantities. You need to continue to weigh yourself in the mornings and if you gain more than 2 pounds you will not eat breakfast or lunch and then you will eat one steak at night. This should correct and stabilize your weight again.
Hcg Diet Injections | Hcg Diet Shots

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Position Paper Regarding HCG Injections Along with a Very Low Calorie Diet for Weight Loss
by Dr. Kathryn Retzler
Portland, Oregon
The "HCG Diet" has become popular over the last few years due to the accessibility of the Internet and advertising by clinics that perform the protocol. I've read ATW Simeons protocol "Pounds and Inches: a New Approach to Obesity" several times. The paper is intriguing in terms of Simeons' theories about weight gain and the role of hypothalamic dysfunction in prevention of weight loss. It's also bold Simeons claims that the protocol is easy to follow and uniformly effective in suppressing appetite, elevating mood, and enabling "abnormal", stubborn fat to be lost. He also states that HCG resets the hypothalamus to prevent lost weight from being regained. "Pounds and Inches" is available from several sources on the Internet. If you're interested, you can order a copy of Simeons' paper describing his protocol published in 1954 from the Lancet.[1]
HCG or "human chorionic gonadotropin" is a hormone produced during pregnancy. It's also produced by tumors in women (hydatidiform mole) and men (testicular cancer). HCG injections are used medically since part of its molecular structure mimics luteinizing hormone (LH). HCG injections (in dosages ranging from 1000 to 2000 units, 2-3 times per week) are used to increase testosterone production in men with low testosterone who want to preserve fertility. HCG injections (5,000 to 10,000 units) are sometimes used in women to induce ovulation.
Simeons protocol uses minute dosages of HCG (125 units), 6-7 days per week for 23 to 40 days, along with a very low calorie (VLC) diet of 500 calories per day. Since HCG does share some of its molecular structure with LH and thyroid stimulating hormone (TSH), theoretically, it may increase testosterone production, ovulation and progesterone production, or release of thyroid hormone. It may also cause excess stimulation of the ovary and ovarian cysts. However, the dosage used is very small and these effects are unlikely. A VLC diet (with or without HCG) can precipitate gallstones (since it's very low in fat), and may cause symptoms of toxicity (since fat tissue stores toxins).
Research regarding HCG injections and weight loss is nearly all negative. In other words, most trials where patients received either HCG injections or placebo and followed identical VLC diets, show no difference in amount of weight lost, type of weight lost, hunger level, or mood. A summary of published studies follows this paper.
No study that I've read has looked at long-term maintenance of weight lost with the HCG protocol. Randomized controlled trials of VLC diets show a large variation in regain of initial weight loss percentage. Participants in these trial regained 7-122% of initial weight lost by one year, and 26-121% by 5 years. [2]Active follow-up weight maintenance programs that include behavior therapy, nutritional education, and exercise are more effective at improving weight maintenance.
It would be worthwhile to perform a clinical trial to see if participants following the HCG protocol are more successful at maintaining weight loss than VLC diet alone. Simeons claims patients who follow his protocol maintain weight loss 60-70% of the time, although I don't think he published data to back up this claim.
I've spoken to many patients who've followed the HCG protocol with great success they've lost significant amounts of weight, claim not to have been hungry, and had an increased sense of well-being. Many of these people have sustained their weight loss, many have not. I've personally gone through Simeons protocol, documenting all calories consumed as well as calories burned (by wearing a Bodybugg). I also measured my fat and muscle percentage before and after the diet using bioelectrical impedance analysis. I lost 12 pounds and 4% body fat during the 23 day protocol. I was extremely hungry throughout the entire protocol, although I did exercise every day. Some proponents of the protocol recommend not exercising, although this seems like bad advice given the overwhelming health benefits of regular exercise. I've also undergone a VLC diet, documenting all calories consumed and burned, without using HCG injections. I lost a similar percentage of excess weight.
My position on the HCG protocol for weight loss is that I do not think it's harmful. I also don't think it has any effect over placebo. I do not discount the power of any placebo. The placebo response is really a measure of the power of the self-healing ability. Many people are willing to follow a VLC diet if they inject themselves or take oral HCG since they believe the HCG will suppress their appetite and help them lose weight. I do believe that physicians who perform this protocol should disclose the negative research regarding HCG benefits to patients. I also believe it is ignorant of them at best, and unethical at worst, to prescribe a substance and oftentimes, charge high fees, for a product or protocol thathas shownno benefitover placebo.
Note that since 1975, the FDA requires the following information to be given with any HCG advertised or promoted for weight loss:
HCG has not been demonstrated to be effective adjunctive therapy in the treatment of obesity. There is no substantial evidence that it increases weight loss beyond that resulting from caloric restriction, that it causes a more attractive or "normal" distribution of fat, or that it decreases the hunger and discomfort associated with calorie-restricted diets.
If you are interested in following the HCG protocol, I think you should be informed about the research regarding HCG and weight loss. You should also make sure your physician is aware of your current health status before you follow any VLC diet, and that causes of abnormal weight gain (e.g., hypothyroidism, hypogonadism, Cushing's, and other endocrine problems) have been ruled out. Before going on any VLC diet, I'd also recommend undergoing a detox program that supports Phase I and Phase II liver function. Make sure you don't have pre-existing gallstones, liver, or kidney disease. If you're using insulin for diabetes management, you must make sure your dosage is adjusted based on blood sugar levels, and that you don't develop ketoacidosis, which can be fatal.
If you do undergo a VLC diet (with our without HCG) you owe it to yourself to change the factors that caused you to become overweight in the first place: improve your overall diet and nutrition knowledge, honestly evaluate causes of emotional eating, decrease stress, and increase exercise frequency and intensityotherwise, the chance of you gaining back the weight you've lost is nearly 100%.
I welcome comments or questions regarding my position. In addition, if you're aware of any research using the HCG protocol that I have not listed here, or if you believe my conclusions are incorrect, please contact me: drretzler@hormonesynergy.com.
Kathryn Retzler, ND
Summary of Research and Articles RE: HCG Injections & VLC Diet for Weight Loss
Note: Dr. Simeons does not state that HCG alone accomplishes weight loss; rather, he states patients treated with HCG will not be hungry or tired, will lose a different kind of weight ("abnormal fat" that is difficult to lose), and will experience an increased sense of well-being. He also claims that weight lost is unlikely to be regained ("60-70%" of patients keep weight off) due to a resetting of the hypothalamus.
Positive Papers:
Asher W, Harper H. Effect of human chorionic gonadotrophin on weight loss, hunger, and feeling of well-being. Am J Clin Nutr. 1973;26(2):211-8.
This study is a well-designed, randomized, double-blind trial of 40 women receiving HCG or placebo at an HCG treatment clinic (Harold Harper, MD). All followed a 500 to 550 kcal diet; 20 received 125 IU HCG six days per week for 6 weeks (36 injections); 20 received placebo injections six days per week (36 injections). Mean age of the HCG group was 37.8 years; placebo group 38.4 years. Results: Mean weight loss (HCG: 19.96 +/- 1.63 lbs; placebo: 11.05 +/- 1.29 lbs) and percentage of starting weight lost (HCG: 11.47%; placebo: 6.77%) were greater in the HCG group than the placebo group. Fourteen patients lost 15 lbs or more in the HCG group; 5 lost 15 lbs or more in the placebo group.
Hunger was decreased (HCG: 76.6% of daily responses indicated little or no hunger; placebo group 48.7% of daily responses indicated little or no hunger). Feeling of well being was greater in the HCG group (HCG: 86.5% indicated they felt "good" to "excellent"; placebo: 70% said they felt "good" to "excellent"). Blood pressure was not significantly different between the two groups. Interestingly, Dr. Harper's patients who received placebo injections lost more weight on average than either the HCG or placebo patients of 4 other physicians. The authors concluded, "Therefore, HCG used in a casual program of weight reduction, as it is often used in a general practice, is of no value," meaning that the very low calorie diet is the critical element leading to weight loss.
Gusman H. Chorionic gonadotropin in obesity. Further clinical observations. Am J Clin Nutr. 1969;22:686.
This paper is not a study but rather an article regarding Dr. Gusman's personal success treating "well over 2,500 patients of both sexes, aged 15 to 75" with Simeons' HCG protocol. Gusman studied with A.T.W. Simeons at his clinic in Rome. In this article, Gusman discusses Simeons' concept of obesity, namely, that it is a "definite metabolic disorder, much as is diabetes, caused by a breakdown of a regulating mechanism located in the...hypothalamus." He call this "the fat-regulating center."
Gusman explains that fat cells in the obese differ from normal fat cells in that they're more numerous and larger. These "overstuffed" fat cells metabolize glucose less efficiently than normal fat cells. Normal fat tissue serves two functions: structural material (to protect organs and blood vessels) and fuel storage. Abnormal fat tissue is also a potential reserve for fuel, but is not immediately available in nutritional emergencies. Only after the normal fat reserves are exhausted will the body use abnormal fat. Severe calorie restriction leads to exhaustion of normal fat reserves before abnormal fat is used, and the patient will be weak and hungry "while the ugly fat deposits of which he originally wished to rid himself have hardly been reduced. At this point, the patient often becomes depressed and frustrated, and the diet is abandoned."
The only type of "nutritional emergency" where all types of fat cells are immediately useable is during pregnancy. Simeons suggests it's HCG that brings about changes in the hypothalamus preventing obesity during pregnancy.
Gusman compiled records from 450 of his patients receiving either 3 or 6 week treatment. He makes the following observations: 1) 90% of patients were able to reduce their weight, 2) 60-70% reached their desired normal weight, 3) "a majority" claimed this regiment was the easiest and most successful to follow, 4) "many" who regained some or all of their weight claimed they kept their weight off longer than previously, and didn't mind returning for treatment, 5)"nearly all patients" experienced "euphoria" in spite of marked low intake of food, and 6) the markedly obese had the most satisfying results.
Lebon P. Treatment of overweight patients with chorionic gonadotropin. J Am Geriat Soc. 1966;14:116.
Lebon P. Action of chorionic gonadotrophin in the obese. Lancet. 1961;2:268.
Simeons AT. The action of chorionic gonadotrophin in the obese. Lancet. 1954 Nov 6;267(6845):946-7.
Stuart C. The action of chorionic gonadotophin in the obese. Lancet. 1961;278(7196):268-9.
Negative studies:
Bosch B, Venter I, Stewart RI, et al. Human chorionic gonadotrophin and weight loss. A double-blind, placebo-controlled trial. S Afr Med J. 1990;77(4):185-9.
This study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial comparing HCG injections with placebo for weight loss. 40 obese women (body mass index greater than 30 kg/m2) were placed on the same diet supplying 5,000 kJ per day and received daily injections of saline or HCG, 6 days a week for 6 weeks. A psychological profile, hunger level, body circumferences, fasting blood sample, and food records were obtained at the start and end of the study, while body weight was measured weekly. Results: Subjects receiving HCG injections showed no advantages over those on placebo in respect to any of the variables recorded. Furthermore, weight loss on the diet was similar to that on severely restricted intake. The authors conclude, "There is no rationale for the use of HCG injections in the treatment of obesity."
Craig L, Ray R, Waxler S, et al. Chorionic gonadotropin in the treatment of obese women. Am J Clin Nutr. 1963;12:230-234.
This study was a double-blind, placebo-controlled trial evaluating the effectiveness of the Simeon method using HCG vs. placebo, and a 550 calorie per day diet. 20 obese women were treated for forty days. Results: all subjects but one lost weight, but the losses were small and not uniform, suggesting varied adherence to the diet. The basal metabolic rate was increased in four HCG subjects and two control subjects.
Greenway FL, Bray GA. Human chorionic gonadotrophin (HCG) in the treatment of obesity: a critical assessment of the Simeons method. West J Med. 1977;127(6);461-3.
This study was a double-blind, placebo control trial using HCG injections or placebo to test weight loss, hunger level, mood, and localized (spot) reduction while adhering to a VLC diet. Results: Weight loss was identical between the two groups, and there was no evidence for differential effects on hunger, mood or localized body measurements. The authors conclude, "Placebo injections, therefore, appear to be as effective as HCG in the treatment of obesity."
Lijesen S, Theeuwen I, Assendelft W, et al. The effect of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) in the treatment of obesity by means of the Simeons therapy: a criteria-based meta-analysis. Br J Clin Pharmacol 1995;40:237-243.
This paper was a meta-analysis of eight uncontrolled and 16 controlled trials measuring the effect of HCG in the treatment of obesity. The trials were scored for quality and methods (based on four main categories: study population, interventions, measurement of effect, and data presentation and analysis) and the main conclusion of author(s) with regard to weight-loss, fat-redistribution, hunger, and feeling of well-being. Methodological scores ranged from 16 to 73 points (maximum score 100), suggesting that most studies were of poor methodological quality. Of the 12 studies scoring 50 or more points, one reported that HCG was a useful adjunct. The studies scoring 50 or more points were all controlled. The authors concluded, "that there is no scientific evidence that HCG is effective in the treatment of obesity; it does not bring about weight-loss or fat-redistribution, nor does it reduce hunger or induce a feeling of well-being."
Miller R, Schneiderman LJ. A clinical study of the use of human chorionic gonadotrophin in weight reduction. J Fam Pract 1977 Mar;4(3):554-8.
This study was a double-blind, crossover trial using saline or HCG injections, along with a VLC diet. There was also no significant difference in mood, hunger, or missed injections, and no apparent difference in adherence to diet when the two agents were compared. In contrast, a significant difference was found in the ability of subjects to lose weight in the first four weeks of the study in contrast with the second four weeks, no matter which agent was used. Thus, the initiation of a new therapeutic program, even using an inert agent, has a temporary benefit--a manifestation both of placebo effect and the Hawthorne effect.
Rabe T, Richter S, Kiesel L, Runnebaum B. [Risk-benefit analysis of a hCG-500 kcal reducing diet (cura romana) in females]. Geburtshilfe Frauenheilkd. 1987 May;47(5):297-307.
The British physician A.T.W. Simeons described in 1954 a new method for dieting. He combined a reduction diet (500 kcal per day) with daily injections of the pregnancy hormone human chorionic gonadotropin (hCG) (125 IU i.m.). According to Simeons the patient should not lose more weight during a 4-to-6 weeks' diet than without hCG, but the injections should facilitate to maintain the diet and to lose body weight at specific parts of the body (e.g. hip, belly, thigh). After the first publication various studies conducted with male and female patients analyzed the efficacy of the "Cura romana". 10 of these studies showed positive and another 10 studies negative results with regard to hCG-related weight reduction. Two of these studies with positive results were double-blind studies (hCG vs. placebo). Most of them were reports on therapeutical experiences and were not controlled studies. According to these reports the body proportions normalized and the feeling of hunger was to lerable. Four out of 10 studies with negative results were controlled studies (hCG vs. control without hCG), whereas 6 were double-blind studies. These studies showed a significant weight reduction during dieting, but no differences between treatment groups in respect to body weight, body proportions and feeling of hunger. One of them is the only German study conducted by Rabe et al. in 1981 in which 82 randomised premenopausal volunteers had been dieting either with hCG or without hCG injections. In recent publications describing mostly well-documented double-blind studies, authors largely reject hCG administration in dieting. Supporters of the hCG diet must prove the efficacy of this method in controlled studies according to the German Drug Law. Until then the opinion of the German steroid toxicology panel is still valid, that hCG is ineffective in dieting and should not be used.
Shetty KR, Kalkhoff RK. Human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) treatment of obesity. Arch Intern Med. 1977 Feb;137(2):151-5.
This study compared six hospitalized obese women given 125 IU of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) intramuscularly daily for 30 days with five obese women who received injections of dilutent only (placebo). Patients consumed identical, 500-calorie per day diets for the same period. Although the number of patients was small, the study is significant since patient diets and all injections were monitored closely in a hospital setting. Results: Mean weight loss in the HCG-treated group was nearly identical to that achieved by women given the placebo. Reduction of triceps skinfold thickness or circumferential body measurements of the chest, waist, hips, and thighs were not different. Patterns of change of a variety of plasma and urine substrates, electrolytes, and hormones were similar in the two groups and consistent with semistarvation and weight loss. The authors concluded," These results indicate that HCG has no effects on chemical and hormonal parameters measured and offe rs no advantage over calorie restriction in promoting weight loss."
Stein MR, Julis RE, Peck CC, et al. Ineffectiveness of human chorionic gonadotrophin in weight reduction: a double blind study. Am J Clin Nutr. 1976;29(0):940-8.
This study was a well-designed, randomized, double-blind trial of 51 women receiving HCG or placebo for 32 days (28 injections), along with a 500 to 550 kcal/day diet. The study was designed to duplicate the Asher-Harper study (above). Each patient was given the same diet (the one prescribed in the Asher-Harper study), was weighed daily Monday through Saturday and was counseled by one of the investigators who administered the injections. Results: There was no statistically significant difference in the means of the two groups in number of injections received, weight loss (HCG: 15.79 lbs; placebo: 15.52 lbs), percent of weight loss (HCG: 9.48%; placebo: 9.25%), hip and waist circumference, weight loss per injections, or in hunger ratings. The authors concluded, "HCG does not appear to enhance the effectiveness of a rigidly imposed regimen for weight reduction."
Young RL, Fuchs RJ, Woltjen MJ. Chorionic gonadotrophin in weight control. A double-blind crossover study. JAMA. 1976;236(22):2495.
202 patients participated in a double-blind, randomized, cross-over study of the effectiveness of human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG) vs. placebo in a weight reduction program. Serial measurements were made of weight, skin-fold thickness, dropout rates, reasons for dropping out, and patient subjective response. Results: There was no statistically significant difference between those receiving HCG vs. placebo during any phase of this study.
An additional interesting study:
Sohar E. A forty-day-550 calorie diet in the treatment of obese outpatients. Am J Clin Nutr. 1959;7:514-518.
The purpose of this paper was to present a method of producing rapid weight reduction in obese patients. This study looked at forty-five patients who started fifty-three courses of 550-calorie diet, consisting of two meals prescribed in detail. Patients were told what to eat (Simeon diet) and were not told calorie content. 39 patients were given HCG injections (125 units), 14 others received daily injections of saline. Patients were told that weight reduction would be due to the diet but that injections would help curb appetite. The authors assumed from the start that HCG was ineffective in terms of weight reduction. Injections were given for "psychological reasons only" since patients were assured they would curb appetite.
The authors state that the diet Simeon prescribed is successful because average daily weight loss is high due to the very low calories consumed. Patients are more likely to stick to the diet due to time limitation i.e., they know the diet will only last 40 days. They state that "the vast majority of patients are willing to suffer for forty days for the reward of losing the predicted and attainable amount of 20 pounds." The author also surmises that success is due to the fact that food is prescribed, not calories. This eliminates the estimating that usually goes on with calorie counting. In other words, most patients do not weigh or measure food and do not record calories properly. Sohar recommends not advising patients in terms of calories, but to prescribe meals in detail.
Another reason Sohar gives for success of the diet is that only two meals per day are prescribed; therefore, contact with food is minimized. Lastly, activity level is unrestricted, "enabling all obese people, most of whom are housewives, to reduce." Sohar points out that his paper, as well as Simeon's work, proves that obese patients can lead a normal life performing moderate work on 500 to 600 calories per day.
1] Simeons AT. The action of chorionic gonadotrophin in the obese. Lancet. 1954 Nov 6;267(6845):946-7.
[2] Saris W. Very-low-calorie diets and sustained weight loss. Obesity Research. 2001;Suppl 4:295S-301S.

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Searing images have been burned into our collective memories from the earthquake calamities and catastrophes which befell Haiti on January 12, 2010. Ten months has since passed, the passage of time has not reduced the grief and desperation on ground in Haiti.
Only recently, 5 persons in the many tent camps Haiti were killed by rainstorms, rainstorms which also rendered 210 tents useless. Thankfully and luckily, the hurricane season this year has been less severe and this has meant some sorts of respite for the already beleaguered nation and people of Haiti.
The television cameras are long gone and public sympathy has elapsed. Complacency have seemingly set in. The plights and predicaments of our people worldwide is exemplified by the current precarious limbo in which, and to which Haitians have been seemingly consigned. The human condition of our people remain, are best described by recent public statements by former American Secretary of State Colin Powell, a retired US Army General, when he stated that So many rocks in our sack, and so, we have trouble carrying it
Haiti, in the earthquake aftermath, is a toxic mix of poverty, adversities, calamities, catastrophes, tragedies which is multiplied by a factor 2 million people. Two million people who are currently homeless and remain in direst of straits. These two million Haitians are part of the approximately 2 billion continental Africans and peoples of African descent on earth, whose plights and predicaments are not much different. Man made disasters and Acts of God tragedies conspire and combine to make our lives toughest than any other groups people in the world. Our people remain beset by too many challenges piled on, exacerbated by newer ones.
Where are the loud and ostentatious pledges and promises of relief and reconstructions or where is divine interventions from the heavens? How does anyone reassure 2 million Haitians who are homeless for almost a whole year now? This, even after the world made a great show on television, insisting to frazzled Haitians that help was on the way? Great expectations are now forlorn? What is it about geopolitics and or human psyche in which Foreign Aid is not steered to where the need is greatest? Where is Bill Clinton?
Haiti, though a poor nation, she does have a population of the most courageous people on the face of the earth! Haitians have faced and confronted sundry adversities and have always tethered through, weathering the storms, almost with equanimity. It is important to make this point and mention the tenacity of the people of Haiti, even in the midst of the most severe earthquake in human memory. Haitians, despite the extraordinary toll in terms of human lives lost, are managing to carry on, as close to a semblance of normalcy as possible.
It is sadly the case that tents wearing thin from wear and tear , rain, sun and other natural from the elements. Haitian people have become understandably weary. This was illustrated recently by The New York Times feature article, in which so many Haitians were crying out for help in letters to the entire world which described the very pathetic and abject human conditions which persist in Haiti, over ten months since the earthquake in January.
Planners had hoped by now that 130,000 tent dwellers would have been resettled, but so far, after almost a whole year since the earthquake, only 10% resettlement have been achieved .The fragile and flimsy temporary accommodations are disintegrating. Tarpaulin tents are fraying under the elements, formerly white tents now grey, and torn, exposing two million inhabitants to more sufferings and hardships
There is still no water, no electricity available to all regularly and on steady, or reliable basis, there are continuing concerns for disease outbreaks of epidemic proportions, such as cholera and other diseases which are exacerbated by unsanitary conditions. The congested tents camps environment in which Haitians displaced by the earthquake now live, is said to be suffused and reek with raw sewage and rain water flowing in the camp being a common sight
It is really sad that 2 million Haitian are still homeless more than 10 months after earthquake which killed 230,ooo people. It is so disconcerting that our microwave culture with short attention span, have forgotten or at least, have allowed the plights and predicaments of Haitians, victims of the worst earthquake, are abandoned and their abject conditions have receded to the back burner and recesses of our consciousness. We spend two trillion dollars tangling with real and imagined enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq, and yet, we do not have the will and courage to provide basic human needs to the two million persons still homeless in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti?
It will be recalled that in the aftermath of the cataclysmic earthquake in January, there were almost a sense of eagerness by and between nations to openly compete and be seen as the largest donor and the best helper of the hapless people and nation of Haiti, but, almost a year has passed and only three nations, namely, Sweden, Norway and Brazil, have followed through and keep their promised and delivered on the monies pledged to Haiti relief and reconstruction efforts.
Almost a year after the earthquake almost unhinged Haiti and thrust upon her, extreme and extraordinarily dire circumstances, transitional shelters remains how two million Haitians live and, these transitional housing are even grossly inadequate, unavailable, while the existing ones are deteriorating and are now in tattered conditions.
The reconstructions which were much heralded, has not come to be or come to pass. Land ownership uncertainties remains a major problem, an obstacle and impediment to redevelopment. AID organizations have publicly stated that they wont put structures on land without knowing or ascertaining title holders
The presence of debris and rubbles from the earthquake is still pervasive and predominant in the landscape of earthquake ravaged areas of Haiti.
More than ten months after of the January 12, 2010 earthquake and 2 million Haitians still live on the streets in full public view, subject to the elements, heat, the rains, mudslides and hurricanes.
2 million Haitians are still subject to disease outbreaks such as cholera, dysentery and diseases from poor living conditions, poor sanitation and impure drinking source.
During the blitzkrieg in the aftermath of the earthquake in January, more than sixty nations promised money and material aid in excess of five billion dollars, but, six more later, only Brazil, Norway and Sweden has fulfilled and redeemed their pledges; but why is this the case? But where are the nations who made loud promises and thereby deceived all of us, while giving Haitians false hope, and now, disappointment?
It will be recalled that in the aftermath of the catastrophic earthquake on January 12 in Haiti, there were what appeared at the time, as quite extraordinary volumes of pledges and promises of financial and material support for the beleaguered people and nation of Haiti. There was what most thought and saw as an unprecedented outpouring of support. Where is everybody? Where is the press and media coverage? There were 24 hours and seven days a week coverage by journalists everywhere, soon after January 12.
That was then! But ten months after the cataclysmic earthquake and the deaths of more than 230,000 persons in Haiti, and the simultaneous displacements of millions of others in Haiti, the loud promises and pledges have not been fulfilled. It is certainly the case that more than 65 nations pledge what at the time appeared to a record amount of money, but, it is sadly now the case that only a microcosm among those nations have kept their promises and on camera pledges. As at this writing, only Brazil, Sweden and Norway have fulfilled their national pledges to the people and nation of Haiti.
The romance has worn off, the television cameras have moved away from Haiti and pledges are unfulfilled. My favorite journalists at CNN, the socially responsible Anderson Cooper and Sanjay Gupta aired a prescient, profound and yet heart wrenching on the ground report from Haiti, reports which clearly indicates that the situation in Haiti has deteriorated since the departure of the klieg lights which were beamed on Haiti 24 hours a day and 7 days a week, in the immediate aftermath of the earthquake disaster on January 12, 2010. Journalists across the world need to be asking questions again.
There is a need to keep the focus on Haiti, just so we all ensure that promises and pledges which were made, supposedly in good faith, are redeemed and there is accountability and transparency on the part of donors and recipients alike. It is too often the case, that donors make loud announcements without following through, and too often, the local populations are misled into believing that the billions of dollars promised were in actuality delivered, except that such gargantuan monies were mismanaged, misused or looted by local authorities through corruption
It will be quite nice to hold donors to account, audit them, just as we would demand auditing the recipient to ensure that reasonable expectations on the part of recipient nation and prospective beneficiaries are not misled. It is the case that social disenchantment and upheaval often arises from this sorts of expectation versus. It is such a shame that there remain this huge gap between very public ostentatious promises-pledges, and actual fulfillments of these genuine expectations.
We should spare thoughts for Haiti and Haitians. There are unfinished business and there are certainly many matters which have arisen and still arising. We concede there is a global economic downturn, but, that makes lives of Haitians even much worse.
We should spare thoughts for and about Haiti and Haitians, our people, in this great time of relief and reconstruction... the work in rebuilding Haiti, has only just begun in the most meager terms, we should keep the focus and attention on the progress on ground in Haiti. Haiti is the First Black Nation on earth. Haiti started the ball rolling toward political freedom and emancipation for continental Africans and all peoples of African descent...
Haiti and Haitians are still being punished for that singular audacity and temerity? Or what else explains this neglect of the human needs which remain unmet in Haiti? Haitians are a generous and a resilient people... they will not be broken... We should do EVERYTHING through engagement, and participation in the relief, reconstruction and rebuilding of Haiti.. Haiti and Haitians need our support for physical and metaphorical complete recovery. We should all do our part. Keeping Haiti and Haitians in our minds is a part of that.
Saudi Arabia just ordered weapons of war. The Saudi Kingdom is billions of dollars on arms and the government of the United States is facilitating these arms purchases which will lead to obvious arms race. And today, two million Haitians can use 1 percent of these monies for relief, reconstruction and rebuilding and even retrofit Haiti, but instead, they are thinking of food and shelter, basic survival needs which are still absent almost a year later. And the band plays on, monies by squandered worldwide.
We should all do our parts. Keeping Haiti and Haitians in our minds is a part of that. Haitians are not thinking. Haitian victims of abject conditions are left to wallow in squalor, even as they still need the mere basics of human existence; Haitians are thinking of food and shelter, the basic human survival needs, and necessity The rain season is on, full steam and our people in Haiti are still under flimsy shelters. Ten whole months after the earthquake devastation and what at the time appeared to be an outpouring of supports and donations!
It now obvious why we must keep our attention on what is happening and the eventual outcomes. Would many of the promises and pledges made on camera by the world be kept?
Please help Haitians and Haiti, would you, please?

Haitians and Haiti are facing new miseries. The weeks old cholera outbreak epidemic is exposing Haitians to new risks as cholera spreads in Port Au Prince, and its environs, the epicenter of the January 2010 earthquake which killed more than 230,000 persons and rendered over two million person homeless.
The United Nations now estimates that over 200,000 could be infected and thousands killed, and that cholera could spread to the Dominican Republic, a neighbor nation of Haiti
The outbreak of cholera, dysentery, communicable diseases of epidemic or even pandemic proportions were all too predictable and even expected in the aftermath of the earthquake catastrophe. The outbreak of the current cholera epidemic is harbinger of even worse miseries which are most probable.
The spread of cholera and other diseases, are no surprises, given the present conditions in various encampments in Haiti. It is now being projected that the current cholera will kill thousands, even though cholera was officially eliminated from Haiti almost 100 years ago
Filth ,vile, polluted water are flowing into rivers, and river water remains the source of water for domestic uses for more than 60% Haitians. Two million Haitians displaced and dislocated by the January earthquake have been living in tents camps in Port Au Prince its environ. All types wastes, human feces, and garbage generated from these overcrowded camps have produced admixtures of extremely unpleasant health consequences.
The dire conditions of these two million Haitians displaced, dislocated and made homeless by the cataclysmic earthquake is now made worse by the rainstorms which has engineered a flow and mixture of sludge generated by multitudes of Haitians confined to limited landmass without social amenities or facilities. Poor public infrastructures, the absence of a sewer system have been exacerbated by the earthquake.
Cholera outbreak in Haiti foreseen, predicted; These were all too probable, most probable! Haiti My Love; We Are All Haitians Now; Haiti Cheri, Mon Amour, Je t'aime/news/public/article.php?ArticleID=1528 published in January 2010
Even for persons not in the medical field or trained in medicine anticipated these epidemics of cholera and other diseases. We registered our concerns regarding the looming or impending health hazards in congested camps without pubic infrastructures, facilities or amenities. Please see our article written a couple of days after the earthquake in January 2010 titled Haiti My Love; We Are All Haitians Now; Haiti Cheri, Mon Amour, Je t'aime
There are concerns that there could be outbreaks of cholera, diarrhea and other diseases which might result from the now festering poor sanitary conditions and the scarcity of clean water, electricity, as well as exposed broken sewers. All these present logistical nightmares for search and rescue personnel, local and foreign, requiring dynamic modalities. And again, building local capacities is crucial, in view of long term considerations
Only last month, on October 13th, I wrote another article Haiti, 2 Million Persons Still Homeless 10 Months After Earthquake! /2010/10/13/haiti-2-million-persons-still-homeless-10-months-after-earthquake/ I wrote the following, expressing fears of probable cholera outbreak which has now come to pass, unfortunately! But it is was always foreseeable.
There is still no water, no electricity available to all regularly and on steady, or reliable basis, there are continuing concerns for disease outbreaks of epidemic proportions, such as cholera and other diseases which are exacerbated by unsanitary conditions. The congested tents camps environment in which Haitians displaced by the earthquake now live, is said to be suffused and reek with raw sewage and rain water flowing in the camp being a common sight
It is really sad that 2 million Haitian are still homeless more than 10 months after earthquake which killed 230,000 people. It is so disconcerting that our microwave culture with short attention span, have forgotten or at least, have allowed the plights and predicaments of Haitians, victims of the worst earthquake, are abandoned and their abject conditions have receded to the back burner and recesses of our consciousness.
We spend two trillion dollars tangling with real and imagined enemies in Afghanistan and Iraq, and yet, we do not have the will and courage to provide basic human needs to the two million persons still homeless in the aftermath of the disastrous earthquake in Haiti?
It will be recalled that in the aftermath of the cataclysmic earthquake in January, there were almost a sense of eagerness by and between nations to openly compete and be seen as the largest donor and the best helper of the hapless people and nation of Haiti, but, almost a year has passed and only three nations, namely, Sweden, Norway and Brazil, have followed through and keep their promised and delivered on the monies pledged to Haiti relief and reconstruction efforts.
More than ten months after of the January 12, 2010 earthquake and 2 million Haitians still live on the streets in full public view, subject to the elements, heat, the rains, mudslides and hurricanes.
2 million Haitians are still subject to disease outbreaks such as cholera, dysentery and diseases from poor living conditions, poor sanitation and impure drinking source.
During the blitzkrieg in the aftermath of the earthquake in January, more than sixty nations promised money and material aid in excess of five billion dollars, but, six more later, only Brazil, Norway and Sweden has fulfilled and redeemed their pledges; but why is this the case?
But where are the nations who made loud promises and thereby deceived all of us, while giving Haitians false hope, and now, disappointment?
Cholera was eliminated in Haiti decades before the earthquake on January 12, 2010. In the aftermath of that catastrophic earthquake however, many persons, expert and average persons, expressed the fear that unsanitary conditions in the camps or shelters where displaced and dislocated victims of the earthquake lived would soon cause epidemics, communicable diseases.
It has come to pass as predicted and predictably so, that there is now a cholera epidemic from outskirts of Port Au Prince and from the Haitian countryside, killing over 500 people and sickening almost 200,000 persons who may now be infected and would be hospitalized. There is now a growing concern that a cholera epidemic will infiltrate the estimated two million Haitian earthquake victims who are still in flimsy shelter in various camps in Port Au Prince, still displaced and dislocated 10 months after that cataclysmic earthquake
The United Nations is currently investigating the origin and source of the cholera outbreak in Haiti. Accusing fingers are currently being directed at UN Peacekeeping forces said to have had exposed septic system in close proximity to River Meille near the city of Mirebalais the epicenter and origin of the cholera outbreak which is now spreading north and to major cities, camp shelters, where it could wreak havoc in view of the population density and scarcity of clean water.
Where is the international community? And where is God? As expected there is cholera outbreak epidemic in Haiti and as equally expected, the epidemic is spreading Where is the so-called international community and goodwill? Where indeed is everybody? The UN says 200,000 could be infected and thousands killed, and cholera could spread to the Dominican republican neighbor nation of Haiti
Cholera in Nigeria, in Pakistan, and now, in the beleaguered nation of Haiti. Cholera is a tad too simple to prevent through the provision of clean water and good sanitation, sanitary systems. And the antidote to cholera is similarly simple to manage where the resources are available, such as salt and sugar solutions used in Oral Re-hydration Therapy or ORT to prevent dehydration or in worst cases, antibiotic treatment therapies are employed to address acute cases, and yet, in all the cited cases in Nigeria, Pakistan and Haiti this years, thousands are already dead! In a world of plenty and so much abundance?
Haiti, 2 Million Persons Still Homeless 10 Months After Earthquake.