Chad's on a journey. He searched through all the fast ways to lose weight and discovered homeopathic HCG. He wanted drastic weight loss and that's exactly what people talked about when they mentioned homeopathic HCG. It was definitely a top choice amongst the diets known as fast ways to lose weight. Average daily weight loss on the program is 1 to 2 pounds. So far this is definitely applying to Chad. He's at the top end of the weight loss spectrum.

He's been quite dedicated to following the rules. It's very important. He knows that if he sticks to the rules religiously then he will lose a very good amount of weight. He doesn't know what the exact effect will be if he breaks the rules. But he does know that other people have indicated that breaking the rules (even in little, seemingly inconsequential ways) results in plateaus and even weight gain. He wants to keep losing weight and he wants to lose the most amount of weight possible. So he's going to keep sticki ng to the protocol.
Chad's trying everything he can to stay at the top end of the average weight loss spectrum. Since the late evenings are so difficult for him in comparison to the rest of the day he's been saving both his fruits for this time period. He's been making an orange smoothie right before bed. He thinks that it will help him drift off to sleep faster.

Chad now weighs 233 pounds (Day 7).

Chad started getting headaches, but they stopped days ago. His system must have accustomed itself to functioning without sugar. Headaches are a common symptoms. Saving both his servings of fruit for late in the day seems to be helping him feel less hungry after dinner, but it's still his toughest part of the day.

He's been losing one pound per day steadily. And even though this doesn't really compare to the initial overnight weight loss drop of over 7's still pretty fabulous weight loss results and Chad is happy. As of Day 7 he's no longer feeling hungry; no hunger pains at all.

Chad followed the rules again on Day 7 and he didn't feel hungry. In fact he felt pretty full. He had a spicy shrimp salad at lunch and a Crab Louie Salad (HCG approved). He aims for a gallon of water a day and manages to fit it all in by evening. He doesn't feel hungry at all in comparison to the last few days. And he feels that he is functioning well now that he's settled into the diet.

He's comfortable. And he's really happy and satisfied that he's feeling comfortable. He's eating drastically fewer calories than he normally does. He's eating much smaller portion sizes. And he's eating a lot of healthy foods that he didn't incorporate into his diet regularly until he took on the diet. All of this in combination with the homeopathic HCG drops and B12 drops Chad is getting where he wants to go.