I went shopping again last night to get ready for day 2 on the very low calorie diet (VLCD). It's always more effective to go to the grocery store late at night in comparison to mid-day. I think throughout the course of this diet that I'm going to need to go to the grocery store a lot more often than normal. But I can do that.

I am really feeling great about cooking healthy meals. I cooked last night and it was great! It is a little bit impressive, don't you think?

My morning started off with me getting up and getting on the scale to find out that I am at 165.2 lbs. My 1st day left me at a loss of almost 6 lbs. YEAH! If that happened everyday I would be over the moon! But really, just that it happened at all is making me totally deliriously happy.

But I'm assuming that this is one of those days on which I will drop several pounds at once and then have a few days on a plateau. It was described as part of the normal results for some dieter s. Apparently the big drops and plateaus still even out to equal the average of 1 to 2 pounds weight loss per day. And that's something that I can totally support.
It's Saturday. I absolutely ignored the fact that yesterday was Black Friday. I blew off the shopping because I hadn't thought of anything I needed desperately and I was really busy. I was dieting!

But I did remember something this morning that I really wanted to get during the big sales so we're headed out. I am getting the kids ready. I already took my Prescription HCG injection and my B-Total. We're going to leave right after lunch.

For lunch I had a bit of leftover Shake and Bake Tilapia (Prescription HCG Recipe Guide version). I also had a sliced tomato with fresh ground pepper. And I tossed an apple in my purse for my fruit serving.

My kids begged for kids' meals since they knew where we were headed and I promised them we'd stop for kids' meal during the day.

After we hit a few stores the kids decided they wanted to eat so we headed to the mall's food court.

And to make a long story short...that's how I e nded up at the mall's food court with Chick-fil-a on one side and Panda Express on the other. I got up and got myself a Diet Coke out of desperation, but even that didn't do it. I have to admit that I totally broke. I had a few bites of Mango Chicken off my daughter's plate and I had 2 pieces of chicken from my son's Chick-fil-a Kids' Meal (it's the buffalo sauce...it's amazing).

So it's only the second day and I've already broken the prescription HCG diet protocol. shoot! But I did get right back on track. I came home and had a romaine salad and slapped myself on the wrist and promised myself the punishment would be worse the next time I fell off the wagon. Hopefully I'll be more well behaved tomorrow.