The past few weeks has seen Ranbir Kapoor at the receiving end of venomous barbs.
Ranbir, apparently, is very upset with such rumors being fed to the media and wants to trace the source. According to him, the fountainhead of all these ugly rumours are sources close to Deepika. The worst part is that calls and even SMSes sent to DP are leaked to the press, making it seem as if he is chasing her all over again.
Ranbir wants to confront Deepika and reportedly, a meeting between the two ex lovers is on the cards.
Says a source, “Ranbir wants to nail the leak”. Someone’s definitely planting stories against him and he is very angry. But he would like to give Deepika the benefit of doubt.”
Ranbir and Deepika have been in touch ever since their break up. The two even gave each other a warm hug in the studio corridor of Koffee With Karan. Though DP and RK are making enough efforts to appear cordial with each other, constant media mud-slinging is taken a toll on their friendship....