Okay guys! Do Not go by the title… Kiran rao, the very talented wife of Aamir Khan, is planning to make a film on the world of Indian reality shows, that have made stars like Rakhi Sawant...

According to a source, Kiran was struck with this idea after the incident when a man from Jhansi committed suicide on being called impotent by Rakhi on her show Rakhi Ka Insaaf. Well, the fact that Rakhi owes her name, fame and career to reality shows, and there are many wannabe’s around the globe who are fascinated about participating in these reality shows so that they also have their share of fame on TV, cannot be changed.
The first-time director has already earned the name of being a sensitive, realistic filmmaker.
Mean while, Kiran’s Dhobi Ghat has finally come to an end and is all set to hit the theaters on February 11.