On the chat show Koffee With Karan, when Saif in the rapidfire round was asked to name a celeb who’s had a bad Botox job, The Chote Nawab’s instant answer was “Poor Koena (Mitra). I can’t think of any one else.”
Koena Mitra on hearing this remark, reacts to the Saif Ali Khan’s comment saying she never expected the comment from Saif. “I think it’s an act of desperation.
If it had been another actress’ comment, maybe it would have been seen in a different light. But for a guy to call out a girl’s name when talking about Botox is really sad!”
The actress, is currently in America seeking modelling and acting assignments.
She goes on to add, “Saif has definitely lost out on an admirer,”. I used to think highly of him.
He’s called a Chote Nawab (as he’s a descendant of the Nawabs of Pataudi), but after listening to what he said I feel he’s more of a ‘Gareeb Nawab’.

If I was in his place I’d give up on twenty such Koffee hampers but wouldn’t take anyone’s name on such a topic.”

When asked if she feels Saif himself has taken the aid of Botox, she says, “There are actors above 40 who have got rid of their wrinkles and other blemishes.

It’s perfectly alright to do that. I think Saif looked drastically different during Love Aaj Kal and everyone noticed the sudden change in his appearance. But it really isn’t in my interest to sit and pick on people.”

After confirming that she hasn’t resorted to Botox yet, she cheekily adds, “When I reach Saif’s age and have two grown up kids, maybe then I will dial him and ask for Botox advice.
Till then I am happy with the way I look!”