In fact earlier this year there were reports about him having a bike specially made for himself with the style and design of the bike all assembled in exactly the same way that he wanted it to be.

Well, so well known John for his love of his bikes that at a recent chat show on the telly he had confessed about an incident.

John had said that once when he was giving his girl friend Bipasha Basu a lift on his bike he had asked her to be careful with her heels lest they would make scratches on his bike. Then when she was trying to close up to him on the bike he told her to sit back lest the helmet would get scratched. Well, so offended was Bips that she got off the bike and asked him to go saying that she would manage to go home on her own! Well, such love for his bikes has never really had any bad effect on John's and Bips relationship. The two are still one of the greatest couples in Bollywood...

Infact Bips has gone and posted a cute pic of John as a child on her twitter and she has posted a message saying that this cute kid's birthday is on the 17th of December and he has grown up to be a very handsome man. As John has not opened his own twitter handle, Bipasha has even thanked everyone on John's behalf for wishing him on his birthday.

Now John, a girlfriend like Bipasha is the best gift you can ever get - what say? Happy Birthday in all flavors to John Abraham